"A network cable is unplugged."

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sparti_kus, Feb 18, 2003.

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    Sorry to bother you again folks with which could possibly be an already answered question.
    I've scoured through all of the threads on this page to find the answer but I can't, so bear with me.

    I've got two computers connected to one another via a NIC and a 10m long crossover (patch) cable. I have never really had a serious problem that I've never been able to fix before, i.e. the IP's being incorrect, submask changes etc.

    However, recently whenever the "client" computer boots up, it pops up the message in the taskbar that "a network cable is unplugged', which is sure as hell isn't.

    What is wierd is, is that the host says that the connection is fine and that it should all be working properly.

    BUT, what is even worse is that the lights that light up on the back of the NIC are not even showing on either of the computers. Very strange.

    So yeah, just wondering if any of you had an idea of what could be causing the problem. Sounds awfully like a hardware thing, but I've only had the network stuff implemented about 3 months.

    BTW, I'm running Windows XP Pro. The NIC's are both RealTek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC's. The host (the one with the printer and internet connection) is an Athlon 2000+ with 512DDR, while the client is a Celeron 667 with 256SDRAM.

    I've tried downloading new drivers from the supplier's site, which didn't work. I also tried a system restore right back to when the computers were installed with XP, and that didn't work either. Tried reinstalling the card, and guess what? That didn't work either....

    Anyway, I'll stop my ranting and hopefully some of you folks can lend me a hand because it's really getting up my nose.


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    what computer is the computer saying the cable is unpluged and wot windows is it running?:confused: