6800/6800GT? Please advise.

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Nick M, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Nick M

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    this ( MSI NX 6800 )


    this ( Asus 6800GT )

    Money is somewhat of an issue - my current Geforce Ti4600 isn't pulling some games as well as I'd like for it to, so I figured I'd go for an upgrade. :) Is there a noticable difference between the two cards? Quality or performance wise? I love to play at 1280 x 1024 resolution with all settings churned way up, and HL2 is my favourite.

    Thank you!
  2. ShepsCrook

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    6800GT of course. It's got the 16 pipelines that make it easily overclocked to be 6800Ultra speeds.

    The 6800 can have the pipes unlocked, and can hit ultra speeds, but you have like a 5% chance of getting one of those cards now.
  3. Tuffgong4

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    all of what sheps said is true...if you can afford the GT get it...the GT is worth the 399 but the 6800 isn't for 299...if you can't get the GT drop down to the 6600 GT which is around 200 dollars instead of the 6800. Also whether you have an AGP or PCIe motherboard the 6600GT will be coming out in AGP soon if not out already
  4. Mainframeguy

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    Are we to assume an Ultra is beyond your means? Because that is what EP will advise you to get! :p
  5. w00kiec00kie

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    an ati x850xl might do... i believe it's 300 bucks and has 16 pipes
  6. 2z

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    I got the 256MB Galaxy Glacier GF 6800GT DDR3 256BIT TV/DVI

    so far Im not to impressed with it
    cant complain about benchmarks but .........
    it just doesnt run my games to well
    Black hawk Down = graphics start to skew after a couple of days
    Battle For Middle Earth = graphics start to skew after a couple of hours
    Half Life2 = card crashes after a few hours
    Impossible creatures = BSOD infinite loop after a few hours

    some of the gfx problems have been fixed running 71.24_beta
    hoping future drivers will sort the rest out ...... yeah right LOL
    this is not a card I would recommend, sry :(

  7. Sazar

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    what socket?

    is pci-E, get the x800XL, its cheap and powerful... competes with teh GT at $100 less...

    if agp, the 6800 is pretty good for most your needs, I would recommend a GT, but the vanilla version is speedy for the price... good bang for the buck...
  8. Shamus MacNoob

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    I own the MSI 6800GT and I play most all my games at 1600 x 1200

    The big titles like DOOM3 and HL2, Farcry at 1152 or 1280 but never without at least 4 aa and 8 af and that all the time unless there is a game that does not like it when we force these settings then I let the application make a choice.

    The card is really fantastic I had the 9800 pro and fell over backwards at the huge difference between the 2 cards.

    I for one say dont bother spending for the 6800 ultra the 6800 GT is the MONSTER card for the price/performance and as said can be OC'ed to ultra

    One point to make get a model with one molex connector there are some like the ASUS that use 2

    and make sure you got a "GOOD" PSU I mean at least a true 400 watt not some cheapo.
  9. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    Something is wrong with your "card" or "setup" what power supply do you have?

    ps: To my above post I had the "ASUS" and I plugged it in and it fried as soon as I powered up, of course the store took it right back and I took the "MSI" instead and never had any problems.

    My games never go funny I play Battle for Middle Earth , and Counter Strike Source for hours every night with my buddies my card never crashes.

    I really like the 66.72 for me its the driver that does it all no matter what I play.

    I really would look at your power supply and what about heat?
  10. MUYA

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    Might help you somewha in making your decision.

    I would advise you to get a card with 256MB memory and 6800GT in the minimum as a way of future proofing yourself and to be able to game at high resolutions with present games. Another consideration should be (if it ever is available in numbers) is a card based on ATi's x800 XL GPU.
  11. pok_pok_911

    pok_pok_911 go the AMD!!!

    whats AA? and AF?
  12. Moonwraith

    Moonwraith Moderator Folding Team

    Anti-Aliasing and Anisiltropic filtering (sorry if spelt wrong)
  13. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Thank you all for replying - even so long after original post. I ended up buying a BFG Geforce 6800 OC - I couldn't pull the extra 100 for the GT, as little as that may seem to some. I would have loved to, but oh well. It came with a lifetime warranty, Far Cry, and the most casual tech support I've ever spoken to :p

    techie: " ...sh!t, it's not working again! Sorry, I get annoyed "

    I'm completely satisfied with it - it's more or less quiet, and installed with no problems at all. It plays HL2 beautifully - what more can I ask :)
  14. Shamus MacNoob

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    Well good for you glad that "...sh!t works lolol