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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by danio, Jul 20, 2002.

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    when i had 98 i connected at 52,000kbps every time, now with XP its anywhere between 31,200kbps and 50,600kbps. i have a lucent winmodem. any1 have any ideas on why this is so? and any ideas on how to fix it


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    The figure shown isn't allways so close to the truth. Is the connection for a fact slower? Maybe you need newer drivers (if there are any).
  3. i think i find that the xp number is much more realistic. used to be able to get 98 to show whatever i wanted. got my 98 to show 115,000 and i know it wasn't connecting at that
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    Actually, XP uses a different timing mechanism than 98 did. See, 56K modems can actually connect at 115.2K for downloads only. 56K is the maximum upload that a 56K modem can do. The problem is that if you set your connection speed to be 115.2K for the modem, it will negotiate with the host that you are connecting at that speed. XP knows that the connection speed is not determined on your end, but on the end of the provider. So, it lets the provider select the most optimum speed. This is why you get slightly slower results. Those numbers mean that even though in 98 you were connecting faster, the throughput you were getting is less than 50K