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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Shirow, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I recently have gotten a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum and some 5.1 channel Speakers. Gaming should never be without these :D
    Anyways, I was playing around with the remote control to play some music and I noticed there was a 5.1 Channel Music List, so I went into the play list and tried the 4 songs they had. It sounded GREAT!! I loved listening to all sort of music from Classical, to Heavy Metal, from J-Pop to American Rap (but no Country music please!) and when I heard these Jazz songs, I had to get more, but I can't find where! Does anyone know of some music CD's that are made for 5.1 channel or know of some sites of where to get it? Free or not it doesn't matter. I know most music will play with 4 speakers, but there not made for “surround sound”. The 5.1’s have different instruments playing from different speakers, and it all just sounds great in my computer room or living room. So if anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Try going to your local record store and looking for dvd-audio or SACD discs.
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    Games in 5.1

    I don't play many old games, but yes, they do only play in 4.1
    However most newer games will use Dolby and/or EAX and use all 5.1 (Alice, Warcraft 3, Dungeon Siege, Serious Sam 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, etc). And I hope with this 5.1 technology, that there will be more music that uses it, just because it sounds so nice!

    Thanks dreamliner77, I will ask around town for those type of music.

    -Shirow :)