4000 Attacks on my PC

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ste_w, May 22, 2005.

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    Hi all

    if i go through MCafee personal firewall 2005, it says theres been nearly 4000 attacks on my computer today, and if i go through the ips most r diff, 1 has tried 111 times to attack. if i look at the archive i can go through everyminute of today so far and theres an attack record.

    is this normal or is mcafee blocking everything? security level is standard and downloads seem ok and the network is working fine. Whats up with the big 4000 number tho.

    Please help


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  2. Xie

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    Could be a good amount of zombie boxes on your ISP as isn't there a new worm out? Also it could be just McAffe being block happy on just everyday things. I have no idea what if it blocks and would consider threats things like ads, ect. In the end there is nothing you can really do, I wouldn't worry about it unless someone is getting thru.
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    Run a who is on the most common IP address that are listed to see who owns them.
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    In the world of paranoia, an "attack" could mean one of many things, most of them simple port scans which are of absolutely no harm unless your running whatever they're scanning for (usually viruses, trojans, vulnerable daemon software, etc) however they're still better blocked even if you are safe. With that in mind, it's more than expected with all the "zombie" machines out there polluting the internet with virus-based traffic, that an average machine will be "attacked" a few thousand times per day.
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    At Coreix we've recently been sweeping and reinstalling a number of windows machines that are completely up to date with microsoft patches from a nasty raft of viruses and trojans. The most common seems to be POEBot.

    Its possible you've been scanned by a number of boxes similar. I'd suggest you make sure you are upto date on windows patches, get a copy of nod32 or kaspersky AV and a better firewall/packet filter than mcaffee such as outpost from agnitium.

    Some of this stuff was punching right through the firewalls installed on the machines like they didnt exist.
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    I see quite a bit of left over P2P/Torrent packets. Usually I'll just keep changing IPs until I find one that is fairly 'quiet'. (damn p2p programs, plague of the internet.)