Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by powelly, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. powelly

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    Ive been told that 3G phones will be available from monday (03/03/03) anyone know if its true?

    Will any of you be early adoptors and if so, which phone?
  2. powelly

    powelly Guest

    yeah seen that, says u get the phones half price if you buy them this month, but nowhere in the NorthWest listed selling them.
  3. XP Abuser

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    they look mighty expensive:(
  4. Evil Marge

    Evil Marge I Rule Political User

    Said on BBC breakfast news this morning that there available to order now but you won't get them for a couple of weeks :)
  5. powelly

    powelly Guest

    Yeah if you buy the phone this month you get it half price, although nowhere seems to have the phones.

    As for the line rental £60 and £100 a month may seem a lot but for your £60 you get 1000 mins talk (o2 charge £75) 100 mins video calls 40 mms 250 texts and 50 events, not even sure what evens are but it doesnt sound to bad for the money :)
  6. powelly

    powelly Guest

    oh yeah and for £100 you get double the above...
  7. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    i have to admit i think £60 is a damn good price :)

    /me wonders if he knows powelly from somewhere... hmmm...

  8. powelly

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    Get back to work you!

    Im sure Salford have a broken till or something for you to play with