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    just wondering other peoples scores on this forum ):
    i got powercolor radeon 9700 non-pro couple of weeks ago
    i modded it to pro version oclocked core to 270@360 no artifacts at all and memory 270@288 it's 3.6ns not very oclockable
    got xp1800,512sdram,jetway mobo v266b, ata100hdd
    very stable ran 3dmark03 couple of times got 4600 score
    so u guys think it's good score
    remember i got sdram and xp1800 :(
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    refer all scores and comparisons to this thread

    it contains several scores for you to compare with :)

    for some reason my 3dmark score is not publishing...

    really odd..

    anyways... these are my STOCK scores for my system... no oc's...