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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by sondgerothja, Aug 8, 2002.

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    I just revamped a computer for a friend and installed Windows XP, the only problem is, he has a 3DFX Voodoo3 2000 PCI Video card. Since 3DFX went out of buisiness long before WindowsXP, There are no "Official" Drivers..... Mostly his computer runs fine with XP's default Voodoo drivers. The problem comes, when he tries to run a game that uses Glide or OpenGL. Does anyone out there know of drivers that will work?

    List of stuff I've tried:
    -- Drivers for Windows 2000 (Redone for XP, unofficially)
    -- SciTech OpenGL wrapper (Converts GL calls into Direct X)

    So far EXTREMELY limited success has come from these efforts....

    PLEASE HELP!!!!:confused:
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    This is about the only site I can think of that might have some good drivers for old Voodoo cards.

    check here
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    Been there, tried that....well, some of them.....anyone know for sure which ones of the 99+ drivers they have is best?
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    dozer xp drivers, theres a bunch taht work 100%. when i had a voodoo3 3500 i found the best drivers tehre and all my games ran fine.

    but now i have a geforce 2
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    Best I can do is links for Win2000....


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    I have been using and likeing the amigamerlin 2.1 drivers from voodoofiles for a long time now (since they came out) on my 3500. Works good for me, but all that is soon going to be behind me in a cpl of days, finally hehe.
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    Had no problems with my dads Voodoo 3 3000 under XP, but then again his computer couldn't handle too many OpenGL games, it's only a P3 500 ;)
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    Voodoo is dead. Time to move on.
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    After much debate, my friend finnaly decided to bite the bullet and get a GeForce 4 ti4400.........to bad his mobo broke that same day......
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    nice card :D
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    I ran my VooDoo 3 2000 in WinXP great with the Dozer driver.
  14. box2k2

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    (un) official drivers

    A group of ex 3dfx ppl are running around writing drivers for the voodoo cards.

    Go buy the name of 3dfx underground. They have their own site somewhere and their files can be found on Voodoo files.

    Last I saw was 1.09beta4

    Got a celeron400 + PCIVoodoo3 3000 running Jedi Knight :)