3D screensaver ends by itself

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomdekok, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. tomdekok

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    I just downloaded and tried the 3d screensaver coming from MS.
    It is a nice one, if only it didn't quit working by itself, meaning it returns to the desktop after a few minutes.

    Telling MS hardly ever works, but i thought you might be interested. ;)

    Card i use: NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti, 64 Mb.
  2. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK
    got the right drivers for your graphics card ?
    Got glide drivers?

  3. Highwind7777

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    nVidia cards don't support glide but they can do openGL(as most cards can now). if you're talking about the bliss screensaver, you don't need any graphics acceleration in that cuz it just loads WMP and plays the avi file on repeat. as for your auto-close problem, humour me and see if your mouse isnt actually moving.
  4. tomdekok

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    Originally posted by MdSalih

    got the right drivers for your graphics card ?
    Got glide drivers?

    huh? Glide drivers, what is that? :)

    I have the right drivers. nvidia only didn't get them signed by MS (yet). But they work perfectly.
    I do not really believe this is the problem, especially since other screensavers work as they should.
  5. tomdekok

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    Re: Re: 3D screensaver ends by itself

    Originally posted by AlecStaar:

    Did you change your desktop to "autorefresh"?

    Some apps do that... they force a desktop refresh/repaint!

    ALSO, possibly, do you use the SLIDESHOW feature that changes wallpapers in your desktop (rightclick on desktop properties menu) slideshow tab? That can do it too... believe it or not, on some screensavers!


    Nope, no autorefresh on, also, to answer another post: my mouse DOES NOT move by itself. I watched it for a long time!

    By the way, i am referring to the MS 3D logo screensaver.

    Thanks all for responding!
  6. zman

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    works fine for me on a Nvidia Card ...

    what refresh rate are you set at ?

    i am 85Mhz