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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by lillemand1, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. lillemand1

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    1st: how do i replace my computer.
    my network places and recycle bin icons.
    i have searched and searched but i can't seem to find any deasent pages with any nice icons.
    i have seen that some of u have ur icons in twice the size of mine and i would like to know how to get them that big.
  2. G-Lizard86

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    What you mean by the first point? Get rid of the icons? and for the second one...try searching this forum, there are some guys who make great icons! and for the last...explain more..maybe i can help then...:D
  3. Iceman

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    Easiest way to replace Icons

    Microangelo 5 hands down.

    as far as the Icons being huge, some of these guys/gals are not using the normal explorer shell, they are using things like Litestep, Desktop X, Geoshell, etc. Do not start using those until you fully understand what's going on, unless you enjoy reformating and reinstalling XP.

    Do a search in these forums on this, has been covered several times..

    good luck

  4. Henyman

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    if u find some decent icons first (o_87 makes gd 1's @ www.dotcomguy.com) then u replace the old icon's wid ur new 1's. (i'm not sure of the exact process). the large icon's are just were they've set there icon's 2 large i belive.
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    You say you searched, but you didnt search enough ;) All of your questions have already been anwsered in this forum ALOT of time before...

    1.) Go here. You want to follow 'Standard Icons'.

    2.) Go

    3.) Go here