2Wire Rounter + WWW Server

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bruce_ers00, Oct 13, 2002.

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    I am trying to setup an Apache web server on my Win XP machine. I have had this setup before on a DSL connection with no problems. I have a "sort of" static IP address with the cable service. I say sort of only because my IP has changed three times since I got a cable connection. I have a 2Wire 100W (ethernet, wireless, HPNA) router. The router setup program allows me to host specific programs (games, WWW, FTP, etc.). I have setup the router to recognize my computer as a WWW server and traffic into my router requesting port 80 is supposed to be directed to my machine. However, it's not working. I can get to the web server via my LAN but trying to access this from the outside (WAN) is a NO GO! Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with the 2Wire routers? I had a linksys and had the same problem after getting my cable connection. If it helps, I am with AT&T Broadband.
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    It should work if it's set up the way you describe. Maybe AT&T has started blocking port 80 for some reason? Check if you can redirect another port (say 8080) from the outside to port 80 on your computer.

    Apache can be a bit picky about the URL typing. For instance the http://your.ip/path may not work from the outside whereas http://your.ip/path/ or http://your.ip/path/page.html should.