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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RefluxT, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. RefluxT

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    Is it possible to un-install Windows XP on my primary machine, totally. And install it on a different machine?

    I bought XP and I want it to run on a different machine than the one its running on now. I havnt tried it yet, so thats why Im asking. :)
  2. bruce_ers00

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    I think you can... legit versions of XP will require you to reactivate your version of Windows XP (if you've already activated once).

    Added note: you cannot uninstall Windows XP. More than likely you will have to do a complete format, or similar to rid your the first machine of XP.
  3. madmatt

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    you will just have to call the 1-800 number to reactivate. once you make hardware changes MS forces you to call.
  4. RefluxT

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    thanks for the help

    i know that you have to reactivate, but what i was curious about was that if this activation captures hardware info, would i be able to install it on a machine that has completely different hardware? i need more info on the activation process.

  5. RefluxT

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    thanks madmatt - i was posting from bruces answer before i saw yours.

    so, when i call the 1-800 number do i talk to a live rep, or is it computer automated like the dial activation?
  6. Sinster

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    If you have one copy of XP. You can install it on One PC and One laptop. I know this because I called the 1-800 number, and yes you do speak to someone live. I tried this about 6 months ago. You can't install XP on 2 desktops. So I suggest when you do call tell them that one is a laptop.
  7. Rootz

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    Whatever you want to do and tell MS people @ producy activation services keep this.
    1. They can't expect you to answer where you install. They usually do ask you about the installation you are activating... you can tell the the truth, a lie or not answer at all. They MUST activate your installation. If they really care they can send you home checks after that (not).
    2. The only information required is the country you are calling from. You are not entitled to give any other personal information. Get angry if they tell you must give them your name or address. Product registration is not obligatory on product activation.
    3. Thay can't discover your hardware components through the hash you send, they can only verify that it is equal to a previously activated software.
  8. Howling Wolf

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    are you kidding ? Why do I think you're trying to get a way to install sp1 over a non-legit copy of XP ?

    But if I'm wrong, please do accept my apologize; no offence meant, anyway.

    Just in case, did you read the guidlines lately ? ;)
  9. gonaads

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    When you call the 1-800 number you will be answered by an Automated Operator. It will as for your original Product Key, then it will generate a new Key and tell it to you. If MicroSquish has sensed a large hardware update when you first try to activate over the net you may be switched to a live Operator. to explain the reason for the drastic Hardware change. Just tell them the truth as to installing on another Computer and that you have killed the other installation completely.

    I'm pretty sure that's the way it will be.
  10. RefluxT

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    Re: Re: 2nd XP license

    Why would I be asking for a way to do this, if I wanted to install a pirate copy of xp? This has completely nothing to do with it. Why is it that everytime someone asks a question related to any serials/installations, someone already assumes its pirate related.

    BAH! fooey. my cd is legit as it can get.
  11. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    I said I doubted, not that you're a pirate !... I do respect the forum guidelines and want them to be respected !

    I said : "But if I'm wrong, please do accept my apologize; no offence meant, anyway."
    I reiterate then, no offence meant if I've been wrong !
  12. gonaads

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    O.K. Misunderstanding... Now play nice or I'll take your toys and send you Home. :p

    In all honesty you'ld be suprised how many ppl post with the intent of trying to get around the legalities of it all. And all the time saying, "Hey it's legit" So don't take it the wrong way what Ant -|- One said.
    He's due for his Meds anyway. :p
  13. Doxtr111

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    I've called 'em twice with truthful answers and had the new activation number in a minute or two. No sweat at all.
  14. that is for sure....... you can not uninstall winXP.

    go for a snazzy clean format ... and install on new machine.
  15. that is totally funny....

    so everytime a customer adds any component or removes any from his or her computer he would have to call microzift ??
  16. brodie

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    minor hardware changes/additions etc are not a problem. ie add RAM, add Hd etc
    However if you change most of your system it may have a fit and require you to ring MS for a reactivation
  17. Hipster Doofus

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    Or do it over the net. Much easier than writing down all those numbers. :eeK;
  18. bluekelt

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    Hi all,

    If you have a network card installed then XP is a lot more forgiving. I managed to upgrade my motherboard, processing chip, memory and sound card all in one go without being asked to reactivate. I think that because I have two network cards. It recognised these as still being there and ignored the other changes.

    About a fortnight after that I bought a new hard drive and reinstalled XP on to it. Loaded up, connected to the net and activated without any problems.

    In the space of that fortnight I had essentially rebuilt my computer and the only original parts that I was still using were the two Network Cards, Graphic Card, CD Drive and Printer.

    Catch you all later,