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  1. ok, i have got a new 40 gig hard drive, i have windows ME installed on the old one which i intend to use as a DUAL BOOT config. the old drive is 20 gig FAT32.

    Can i use my WINXP home UPGRADE edition to do a full install on my new 40 gig which currently hasnt been used!

    will the Windows setup detect winME on the other hd and allow a full install from the upgrade?

    thx for any help:)
  2. XP Abuser

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    its possible to clean install from an upgrade but i dont know how
  3. dadx2mj

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    Not sure if the upgrade will detect the old install of ME but if it does not it will just ask you to put the ME install disk into a CD drive to verify that you are eligible for the upgrade install.
  4. hmm, but my WinME is from a Hewlett packard recovery disk????
  5. sparky

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    i would have thought that it would work, if it doesnt what have you lost in trying,you'll end up with a solid slave drive of 40 gb what is it with me that you want to keep anyway?:)
  6. well, actually i want to have the old 20 gig as an EMPTY drive, which i can use for placing my music and video's on!!!

    Does that drive need to be formatted for me to be able to place files on it, ill have WINXP on the new 40gig, but i want to keep games on the other HD!!???????
  7. i just want to be able to do a FULL install of WINXP home from the UPGRADE DISK..

    but the only proof of a previous os is the Recovery disk!!
  8. TheTechGuy

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    I've got 2 hard drives .. Running Lindows on D: and WinXP home upgrade on the C: .. formatted the C: before installing WinXP and had no problems .. no request for any verification of other Windows OS
  9. my C:/ wont let me format it, is that because my WINXP was installed over winME (recovery disk)??????

    this is on the 20 gig HD which i want to WIPE clean.

    i want to install FRESH on the new 40gb hd and WIPE clean the old 20gig HD!!
  10. allan

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    Are you trying to format from within Windows or from a boot to the CD?
  11. from windows,, how else can it be done??
  12. TheTechGuy

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    Boot onto the CD ( change order in bios ) and do a format from the CD options before installation.
  13. TheTechGuy

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    if the cd won't boot for some resaon .. use a floppy to get to the a:prompt and then change drives to the cd drive and type cd\i386\winnt and then type setup.