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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Biggie_mac, Jun 26, 2005.

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    1. I am having a little problem with my site http://www.neramo.ro/demo/site/index.htm
    As u can see if u point the mouse on one of those bolded white words you have to wait quite a bit for the picture on the riht and picture under to load. What I would like is a way to change the 2nd picture(the one with the message, down) with text. So I want to know how to change text on mouseover...I know already a way to do it but it leaves the text unformatted...black, simple, with another font and stuff like that wich I don't know how to change.

    2. I have a friend with a Samsung flast screen 17" or 19" i can't remember...anyway, he sees this page www.neramo.ro/produse.htm like this:
    http://neramo.ro/tibi.jpg ...the writting is bigger in some parts and I can't understand why. Anyone have a clue? Thanx a lot
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    Look at some javascript sites to get a script for your first problem. http://www.hotscripts.com/

    The second problem looks like your friend has his text size set to 'largest' (View > Text Size) default is medium. Also if this is your page, I suggest you get rid of the font tags within the html and use css for formatting the text instead.
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    For the second problem, instead of using a sizr like 3pt, try 10px or 12px. Your current setup is a scaler size, meaning that whatever the default "pt" unit is is multiplied by 3 in internet explorers of all types.

    See the 13pt? Yea, about 20 px. And that is 20 pixels, same on any PC wwhen written as 20 px.

    Also, for everyone's sake, please get rid of all "&nbsp"'s as they do no good and can actually harm your format.

    That too ;) You are missing the title that someone would see at the top of their browser (in frontpage, which is what you used, right click the page and click properties, and there you can change the title if you do not/ are unable to do it via the html).