2 Sided DVD to 1 dvd-r???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by adek, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. adek

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    Any ideas on how to copy a flip-side disk to 1 dvd-r ???
  2. chris

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    You would probably have to copy each side to your hard disk, then put them together on the one dvd disc
  3. freezer121

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    DVDrhelp is great for DVD. Look at: hxxp://www.dvdrhelp.com/forum/userguides/141024.php, in particular at the section using DVD2one. The latest version, 1.3, includes a new option, "Join" in the Movie Only, Full Disk dropdown menu. I haven't tried it myself but I believe that is the simplest answer to your problem. Otherwise you are into quite a complex process with vobedit and ifoedit - I've been down that route and although it works it is best avoided!
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  5. freightgod

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    dude, the answer to your quest is dvdshrink. I've been using it for many moons and it works great and is FREE.