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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mac1, May 6, 2005.

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    I am just about to format and reinstall everything because i have changed things around in my computer so i need some help with 2 things i am not sure about.

    I now have 3 H/D's partitioned into 2 drives, as below. these H/D's are all Online/BASIC/ NTFS.

    Q:1 Would i be better to convert them to Dynamic Disc's or not. also if so would i lose all my data on my store drives. what are the benefits if any.

    My H/D Setup.

    Disc-0 Master = HD-1 = 120Gb Samsung SP120 3N, partition-1 = (C:)WinXP Pro, partition-2 = (D:)Drive-1 Store-1

    Disc-1 Slave = HD-2 = 120Gb WD1200BB-00DWA0, partition-1 = (E:)Drive-2 Store-1, partition-2 = (F:)Drive-2 Store-2

    Disc-2 Slave = HD-3 = 200Gb MAXTOR-6B200P0, partition-1 = (G:)Drive-3 Store-1, partition-2 = (H:)Drive-3 Store-2

    Drive= (I:)= CD-Rom = NEC-DVD-RW-DL

    Next part
    When my computer boots there is a message on the screen which says, "see below". When i pres TAB and go into the User Window nothing seems to happen and WinXP just boots as normal.
    My motherboard is Jetway V600DAP with SATA/RAID ect,

    message on boot screen
    Scan Devices
    Press <TAB> Key into User Window.
    Serial-CH0 Master: No Device
    Serial-CH1 Master: No Device

    Q-2 I am not sure whats this for, am i missing something or is my motherboard just looking for SCSI H/Drives. There is a VIA RAID tool loaded when i install my motherboard drivers, but when i use it it says, (No stand-alone disk and No usable disk array attached, please check if any disk array is broken.)

    My drives are SATA Serial ATA Drives, if i am correct? hope so.

    hope someone can help.
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    Dynamic is only useful if you are using software RAID. So if you're not, use Basic.
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    That is the ViaRaid bios screen that you push TAB to enter and needs to be enabled even for single SATA drives attached to the controller. I hate to tell you this but if you are seeing no device on those two channels then your drives are not SATA.
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    Dunno if it is the same but on some PC's with SATA I have noticed it takes longer fopr th drives to initilise.