(1G) iPod Nano - 17" LG TFT

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by sean.ferguson, Feb 7, 2007.

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    For sale:

    first-generation, iPod Nano in white. 2GB
    The Nano is in excellent working order, battery life is still excellent. Rear chrome casing has scratching as is normal from being in a pocket, front has no noticable scratches. May or may not have original packaging... either way it will be packaged well. Also included is the Nano Dock. I would like £60-£70 but give me an offer.

    LG 1715S 17-inch TFT
    Monitor, works and looks flawless. Packaging will be large-ish. But will also cost a bit more in postage. Give me a postcode and I will give a quote for ParcelForce 48 (or 24 if you wish). VGA connector. Looking for £50? Offers.