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    hey guys,

    i'm thinking of overclocking my com.... and i jus wan to know guys out there who had 1900+, did u guys overclock it?? and how many that it increase?? currently i'm overclock it to 2000+........ i think if after a few days and it seems that it is stable, then i will increase it..... by the way wat cpu fan that u guys recommend (thinking of buying a new one)?? currently i'm using arkua 7228 copper core-7000rpm/38cfm
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    as far as I know you can o/c the chip pretty good... should easily be able to get to 2000+ leves since it is ONLY 33mhz away in actual clock speed...

    um... just don't do too much too soon... read up what your board can take/coolers must be good so on so forth...

    doon't want you to burn out your board...

    I have already been up to 2000+ level and I went back to default because I want to install a couple more things...

    once I have my rig all stable and everything installed I am going to start creeping back up a little at a time...

    monitor your cpu temps...

    my max ever was 40 C at 65 % cpu usage :)

    fan speed is 3700 RPM...

  3. Bretenn

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    get it... and i definitely will monitor it... thanks ;)
    btw... my idle temp is bout 39~40c. Any recommendation for the cpu fan?? thinking of buying sanyo denki 4600 rpm/53cfm

    who else that overclock 1900+ chip over 2000+ ?? jus want to know tho.... 10q
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    Go with the highest cfm fan your ears can handle.

    Perfer copper hs.