+1 fan = 10dC difference????

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Aussie983, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Aussie983

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    i changed my stock dell XPS cooling system a little today and got a 10 degree improvement...wtf

    the stock cooling config has one fan in the front drawing air in and two exhaust fans with a shroud over the cpu to draw air over the heatsink. Well i took the shroud off and put a fan i had lying around over the heatsink and pointed it into the cpu...

    Now instead of ~42dC idle i get ~33dC and under load i get ~45dC instead of almost hitting 60

    wtf guys...is the stock dell cooling system that bad?
  2. LeeJend

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    There is a reason the performance cases have a side cover fan blowing on the CPU. You just discovered it. The draw back is noise.

    Two (actually 3 counting the PS fan) exhaust fans is a waste. Shrouds block air flow.

    You want to push as much cold air into the case as possible and make sure you have enough exhaust fans to remove the heated air.

    That means 2 in the front (bottom and between HD cage and case vent holes) and 2 in the back (PS plus one).

    That fan in front of the HD cage is very important since the HD density went to 7200 RPM and over 60 gigs. There seem to be a lot more HD failures in the last year than than I ever heard of between 1985 and 2002.

    Dell probably chose the option they did to reduce noise level.
  3. Aussie983

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    accually its quieter LeeJend...since the fan on the heatsink is cooling off the CPU...the back fans don't spin up to 3000 rpm while im gaming or doing something intense...they stay at 1500rpm

    those fans are loud as crap at 3000 rpm apiece
  4. CrazyBoyS

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    Change your fans at 3000rpm u shouldent hear noise on alot of the newer fans out there. Mine run all diffrent levels and no noise and i paid nothing for them. (Well hardly anything for them :)
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    120mm fans are less noisy as well and push more airflow!
  6. toretto

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    ill agree with the 120 mm fan comment. i like mine anyways screw all them little things
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    it's a bit of a failsafe from dell, if the fan packs in all together, the chip wont overheat to cut off point as the flue causes convection, even without the fan the heatsink draws in cold air from the bottom and vents it out the top, the older dell fans didnt even kick in until the chip was at 50 ish deg C and then if it got to 1200 rpm that was about it. the flue is also there to take the heat out the case straight away, 1 fan doing 3 jobs :)