1/2 Speed Processor under win XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Scoot, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. Scoot

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    i have just installed win XP (upgrade from ME) for the second time using the same methods.
    The first time everything worked eventually, this time i have a prob which i cant seem to find an answer for.
    Upon turning my computer on it reports a 450Mhz 128Mb ram
    When windows loads (takes forever) in system it reports a 225Mhz 128Mb ram , and believe me it is acting like a 225Mhz takes about 10 secs to open my computer etc.
    Anyone got any ideas at all i have all other drivers and devices as the 1st install so nothing has changed there.
    And in case you are wondering why i went back on the 1st install, it was because of a game i was playing at the time which i couldnt get running under XP no matter what i did.
    Anyone with any ideas?



    have you tried...

    have you tried looking in your bios... and checking what your bios settings are on... mayb your cpu speed got turned down
  3. Scoot

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    it reports a 450 when booting up so it shouldnt be anything to do with bios and cpu speed.
    And just for the record my computer does not have a turbo button , and it was running at 450 according to ME just before the up(down?)grade.



    thats really wierd.... xp should recognize your cpu speed... mine actually added 10mhz to my speed lol ummm i dont know if there is a way to set ur processor speed in windows... does anyone else have any ideas?
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    Is this on a laptop or a desktop? The reason CPU speeds in winxp differ is because unlike previous versions of windows it actually polls the processor for it's current speed and not the bios...so if this is a laptop and you have any power saving features on XP will report the exact speed at time of you looking in system preferences...it's not XP detecting the CPU wrong..it's something else causing the problem :(