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Windows Mobile / HTC MTeor

Posted May 22nd, 2007 at 2:14am by Electronic Punk

I loved by Nokia 8800 to bits, but it was lacking a little on the features side of things, so I went for it and back in January I joined the world of Windows Smart phones. I purchased at a bad time really, just missing out on the ‘Vox’ one of the first HTC devices to come with Windows Mobile 6.

(While finding that photo I came across the weirdest site)

This phone really scared me to be honest, really hard to configure and it took me quite some time to learn how to set it up and use the various functions. More than once I thought I should maybe return it and go back to my simple 8800. But I persevered and just about know my way around it – one of the most hyped functions is something I can’t really use just at the moment.

I have been keeping the firmware up to date and hoping I would see the Windows Mobile 6 platform hit this phone and while it was one of the most recent models there were a few issues with its battery life when it was originally released meaning few carriers picked it up, so it’s not amazingly common – as such it won’t be getting an OS upgrade, at least not in the foreseeable future.

A shame as I love this phone to bits now, Vodafone doesn’t and won’t let me connect to their internal WAP network so I can’t make the most of the 3G and get TV on it or anything else they offer subscriptions for (they only allow in phones that they sell with their contracts – there are registry hacks but it seems a bit messy and there is no definitive guide really), but the web works great and in 3G areas it flies along.

I have installed a few other Microsoft applications on there, including Windows Live which is always cool for finding my way around London, Microsoft Deepfish which is quite stunning really but currently a closed beta. It works by loading web pages on a remote server and then optimising them and sending them to your mobile device so they are displayed just as they would be on a PC, you can then zoom around – it’s not even really beta yet but you can check it out here:

I have also installed Windows Live Messenger G2 beta, I am not actually on the beta even though I have been ‘pending’ on Connect since February, this is quite a substantial phone upgrade really, as it basically seems to do what WM6 does without all the updated graphics (shame – some of the graphics in 5 are pretty bad and the ringtones are worse!). After quite a lot of fiddling my Windows Live contacts are now merged with my phone contacts which are now in turn synchronised with my Outlook contacts and I have spent a bit of time and filled in as many details as I can as well as photos for a few contacts. Works very nicely indeed, but a warning – deleting Live Messenger contacts from your phone will also remove them from your contact list next time you log on to Windows Live Messenger!

The playing continues.
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