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ZyXEL 642 Router setup


NTFS Stoner
I just got my hands on the above router for my DSL & im wondering how i can set this bridge setup thingy going to port my internet IP straight to my PC to allow me to use voice chat on MSN and host games via Gamespy.

its not a very straight forwards interface (to me) using the telnet client.

does anyone have any idiot proof links for me on this minor task please :)
I'm not really sure that bridge is what you want. You want DMZ unless you only have one computer behind the router. Another solution is to forward the appropriate ports for each application.

Telnet config isn't fun, I'll agree on that. :)


NTFS Stoner
its just 1 pc connected, and there is no DMZ as such on this thing. its called the SUA (single user account) but i still dont see how to match the internet ip to my pc :(

and it only allows me to SUA 8 ports, not much good with netmeeting, black hawk down, gamespy etc etc, so i was wondering if i can throw the entire PC out there..
Only 8 ports? Bummer. But if you only have one computer, why have a router? If it's for security, that will be effectively gone if you use DMZ or similar.

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