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I am having a problem on the 2nd computer with True Vector Service not working all of a sudden. It seems that Win32 Generic Service thing is asking to be used as a Server at Port 135. Nothing else happens weather it is accepted or denied. When the Internet Explorer window is launched... The hard drive starts working up a storm which as far as I know never did that before. Then while it is trying to connect to a site, True Vector Service says it had to be shut down from a severe error or something (by windows). Zone Alarm asks if I would like True Vector Service restarted and I say yes, it then gets restarted and asks the same question about Win32. If the IE browser is left opened, after around 15 sec, True Vector will crash again. But if the browser is closed, nothing happens until the browser is opened. I checked any software that was installed recently on the system and nothing. It started at 5:50 PM today and the person using it didn't have a problem this morning. What is going on here? Thanks


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What version of Zone Alarm is it .. Also there are some known incompatibility issues with the program. Did you try to uninstall it and reinstall it ??


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Do you have by any chance the Yahoo toolbar installed on IE that came with Adobe Reader 7.0? The PC at work started having the same fudged up problem today. The True Vector Service shut down about four (4) times. I had to reboot the whole system once to get it running again. I finally went into "add or remove programs" in the Control Panel and plulled the plug on that damn toolbar. Now it isn't shuttin down. Go fig. :confused:


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Well, on her system, I didn't find anything unusual running that let it work before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it (after rebooting first) to have a fresh install (pulled the plug on registry stuff).
Still didn't work. It then happened to me for some reason after a few hours, but after restarting ZoneAlarm itself, it worked. So the 2nd computer is stuck with using Windows Firewall (I don't wish for that computer to go long unprotected like that).
The version that I am running is this:

I ended up having the second system be resintalled with that version instead of an older version. Ashame it didn't work.


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Well I hate say it (not really) but why don't you try a restore point from say... two (2) days before this problem manifested itself? It's worth a try. :)

Also, is Symantec/Norton AV running on this PC? ZA and Symantec are known for not being able to play together. They can have conflicts on occasion.


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Ya, the whole System Restore point was tried before I went here. It didn't work. It failed on 1 day before it happened, 2 days before it happened, and even 3 days before it happened. Nothing worked. Hmmm... Norton is running on the system. Truth is this:
My father got a Dell made system and was only able to modify a few things inside (the rest could not be modified because the drivers or something needed them). My mother is using it. Since I always work with Custom Made Systems that my father and I make, I know what works and what doesn't. This Dell has conflicts with certain things so I have to be careful at what is launched and what isn't. I might try to see if I can go ahead and put Kaspersky on and maybe that might work.


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read this at the Zone Alarm forums....posted by the admin:

Zone Labs users began reporting True Vector-related crashes across its ZoneAlarm firewall and security suite product line late this afternoon, June 9th at approx. 5:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)Zone Labs quickly replicated the issue in the company’s security lab, identified the cause and resolved it within 5 hours.

The problem was related to an update to our Program Advisory service issued at 4:00 p.m. PDT. As soon as the issue was confirmed, Zone Labs rolled back the Program Advisory update and cleared its Internet-based update delivery system, which restored full functionality to users immediately.

Customers should be assured that Zone Labs is committed to providing a seamless, advanced Internet security solution and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
link to information from Zone Labs


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Holy shiit. :eek: Funny how my machine at home didn't poop. Lucky I guess. :D

I gotta say that's some fast service. Props to Zone Labs for that one.

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