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12 Jan 2004
I use zone alarm pro. And have decided to not have it run on startup (it used to before) ie, I'll start the program manually.

But when I updated msn messenger I can't login anymore. (to msn mess.)
Says there is no connection. But there is no problem surfing the internet or running p2p programs.
When I then start zone alarm, it pop up and tells me that the msn program has changed and if I would like it to access the internet. Answer yes, shutdown zone alarm, and msn is working. :confused:
Why is zone alarm doing this? Or rather, what part of zone alarm is still active? And how can I shut it down completly? :confused:

Because of this 'nice' feature I had problems with outlook after an update, and my ISP got quite a few mails telling them to fix my mail account.
( I told them sorry later tough :p )
Hmmm I have the latest Zone alarm and msn and dont have any problems.

Have you tried...

1) Starting Zone alarm 1st and then start MSN messanger after saying yes to any ZA prompts about MSN accessing the internet.

2) or Give permanent access to MSN

3) or finally re-install ZA..starting afresh with your settings

Why don't you have ZAPRO startup automatically?...personally i wouldnt connect to the internet with it running.
Well I've tried both 1. and 2. And yes, it works when I tell msn is allowed to access permanently.
But as I said, if ZAPRO isn't started, something is blocking the access to internet.
msn worked fine, got a mess. telling me to update to 6.1, and so I did. And then msn dosn't work anymore. This is all happening when ZAPRO is not running.
I know how to fix it, start ZAPRO and tell it to access internet.
I am just wondering what part of ZAPRO is doing this. Since the program isn't running...
Its wierd that it doesn't work when ZA isnt running, but does when you start ZA.....especially saying that the program has changed.

If ZA doesnt load up at start, it shouldnt stop MSN from working, have you tried looking in taskmanager -->process's to see if any ZA process's are running

Have you tried running a virus checker/ ad-aware / spybot on ur PC..just to check.

if that doesn't stumped..sorry.
that's normal. happened to me too. there is at least one service that loads on startup to prevent internet access without zonealarm running. TrueVector something-or-other.

Process File: vsmon or vsmon.exe
Process Name: True Vector Internet Monitor
Description: Application that is associated with ZoneAlarm personal firewall, which monitors Internet traffic and generates alerts by following the security rules that users configure in Zone Alarm.

and yes, this little bast*** is in my process list...
Well, I know how to solve the problem, and also waht causes the problem.

Thanks for all help. :)
I had the demo of ZAPRO and i just have to say that i had some of those problems, when the unit wasn't running.

Also a little bit i just remembered, ZA takes a second to start up on my machine, if it starts up in the locked state, and i use IE before the splash screen comes, i won't be able to get on to the internet.

Just a little insight from scavers into your problem.

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