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Zone Alarm / AVG 7


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Anyone having trouble running both Zone Alarm Pro and AVG 7. My neighbour had installed both, and found that he was unable to access the Internet. I couldn't find any setting which might have caused this, but I uninstalled AVG 7, and installed the free AVG 6 instead, this seemed to fix the problem, but I am not sure as to why it did. Is there any conflicts with Zone Alarm Pro and AVG 7?

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Don't know, but I noticed the quite same problem between Kaspersky's AV5 (beta still) and Sygates Personal FireWall Pro (latest build): Kaspersky's AV5 forced Sygates' FW to crash... I uninstalled K's AV5 and put K's AV4.5 back and all went back to normal, no more conflict; I hope K's AV5 will be more stable/compatible when the final version is out...

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