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"zipload.exe" file help



does anybody have thier zipload.exe file? can u please find it and tell me where to put it & send it to seifer_seph@hotmail.com
i accidentally deleted mine, or can anyone tell me how to disable zipload.exe from coming up on startup?
I've just tried to search for it on my drive and couldn't find it. It may not be a native XP file. What kind of zip utilities do you have installed? It might belong to one of those.


i think it was a trojan

Trojans detected and purged automatically by BOClean v4.09:
1039. ZIPLOAD32

do u know how to stop the message that comes up at startup that tells me windows can't find the zipload32.exe file?
Nope, i don't have it. Try running Winzip and see if it works ok, if you get an error trying to use it (try zipping a file too), then you'll know it belongs to it. Reinstall winzip and you should be good to go.
Oh goodie, a trojan... do a full system scan. Go do a search in a virus encyclopedia and find out how to clean your system. That sucks.


k, thanks

i can't find any info about it anywhere!!! it just says its a trojan, should i delete the registry keys for it too?
I haven't been able to find anything except for the BoClean deal. Try reinstalling Winzip and do another search for the file. It may be a part of that program. If it's not, I'm not sure what trojan this could be, BoClean doesn't give any information except to put it on a list. All the other virus encyclpedias i've checked don't have it in them.

When you do the search, be sure to go into 'more advanced options' and tick off the options to search for hidden and system files too.


i renamed my Coolmon file to "Zipload32.exe" and stuck it in the windows/system32/ dir an now it comes up on startup, so i got rid of the error message, i uninstalled & reinstalled winzip & it did nothing, i'll wait and see if they get any more info on that trojan, thanks for the help man, =)
Be sure to do a full anti-virus system scan. You don't want somebody logging all your keystrokes or formatting your hard drive on you. If it does turn out to be trojan that is.
What you nee to do is either use msconfig.exe or look through your win and system ini's by yourself and remove the run=zipload32
or the load=zipload32

and check to make sure it is not listed to load as a servic,e that is why you are getting that message because the virus cleaner you used got rid of the virus but did not remove it's loading instance

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