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Zip Code at the Pump


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This morning when I got gas from a station I have been to many times before, I was prompted to enter my zip code when using my debit card, which I always use. It didn't say billing zip code, it just said zip code. Obviously they are the same, but if it said billing I would think it's for some type of verification.

Anyone else seen this?


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They must have a high rate of drive offs or other fraud. They'll ask you for a zip code to prevent a stolen card from being used. When asked, it's always a billing zip code, however most times it will tell you that. This station is being a little vague.


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In florida they passed a law:

Pre-pay inside or pay at the pump wth credit card or debit card

and yes it is for verifiaction...
which I think is stupid because if someone steals your wallet they have the information anyway...

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Yes, Key in the zip code at the pump has been happening here since the first of the year.

That is for security reasons “verification” if you loose your card or say leave it at a store you were shopping at and someone else gets ahold of it the chances of them getting gas with it will be a little slimmer. There are many ways to loose a credit/debit card without the person “that ends up with it” knowing your zip code or even a business card and knowing the billing zip code there. From what I was told “explanation below” a lot of people don’t use there cards every day so it may be a few days or more before someone notices a missing card, in cases like this the zip code idea is suppose to help.

This just helps buy you some time to find the card missing and notify the card company “at least that was the idea”.

(you may ask how I know this well I wasn’t paying attention when the screen first came up around here about the first of this year and I Keyed in to many numbers for the zip code twice, well my card was refused and I had to go inside to straighten it out by showing a picture ID and another form of ID while I waited 20 minutes the casher explained all this to me)

Needless to say I pay very close attention now when the pump asks for the zip code also before I hit enter I double check the numbers.


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One question: When using debit don't you have to key in your PIN? So why is the ZIP important?
Lots of pay at the pump stations don't accept debit cards. They'll take check cards, those with Visa or Mastercard branding. Those cards can be used either as debit or credit cards. Pay at the pump locations will accept the cards as if it were at credit card, it won't prompt your for a pin but will prompt you for your zip.


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so what if i use the wrong zip....will it not work...will police jump out of the window washing containers and arrest me??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Ill use cash for now on...

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