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I have had my Zen Micro since Christmas and it has always worked fine. Recently, however, I have had a problem connecting it to my music computer. I have tried it on my other computers and the USB cable connects fine. I have also tried connecting to the other usb ports on the computer but it still does not work.

I have re-installed the firmware but when it tries to connect to the Micro it cannot find it.

Here's where i'm confused, when i connect my speakers make a double beep, something I have never heard before with the zen micro. The sound is kind of like the beeps that sound when you disconnect it but is faster and one note on both beeps.

I also re-formatted the Zen micro so now I've erased my memory. lol

Please help, I've been trying for days.


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I erased my memory so right now my firmware is 1.02.05

Also, it worked on the computer for several weeks.

What do you mean by low powered?
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Sometimes, laptops especially, the amount of power the usb port provides to devices such as the zen micro (which is also used to charge it) aren't strong enough to provide full functionality -- a common problem would be external hard drives.

Shouldn't really be an issue on a desktop system though.
I'm thinking about just transferring the files to the other computer and then to mp3 player but this will be a hassle every time i download tracks...

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