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Zen Micro adds PlaysForSure support

I know some people here have these things, so I thought I'd post this since it's a pretty significant update. :)
This firmware update adds "PlaysForSure" or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) functionality to your Zen Micro. As a PlaysForSure/MTP-enabled device, your Zen Micro will be recognized on Microsoft® Windows® XP systems, without having to install drivers or software. Windows Media® Player 10 will be the primary application for content management between your Zen Micro and your computer.

PlaysForSure/MTP devices enable you to:

a.. Enjoy seamless support with any computer running Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP - no drivers or software needed
b.. Drag-and-drop songs or files to your player through Windows Explorer
c.. Use Auto Sync and Windows Media Player 10 playlist support
d.. Support future subscription-based online music services

PlaysForSure/MTP-enabled devices may:

a.. reduce the maximum number of media files because of additional memory requirements.
b.. require software updates if you want to use any currently installed applications like Creative MediaSource, Zen Media Explorer, or other track management tools with your player.

NOTE: This release does not support all types of subscription-based online music services. There will be a future firmware release where all Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10 features will be supported.

Download the firmware update here:
http://us.creative.com/support/down...ct_Name=Creative Zen Micro&sOSName=Windows XP
paul2-0-0-2 said:

But WMP10 seems to take Hagess to Transfer mp3s unlike the Zen Program :wow:
I think this might be because WMP10 automatically transcodes each song to WMA before transferring it. The intent was to save space on the portable device, since many people tend to rip their CDs in lossless formats (which end up being huge files). But if your music is already in a lossy format like mp3 or wma, you might want to try disabling this feature so that everything is transferred to the portable device as is:

1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Devices tab.
2. In the list, click the device, and then click Properties.
3. Clear the Convert files as required by this device (recommended) check box.

I personally don't own a portable media player, so I've never tried WMP10's sync feature, but you might want to try that out and see if it helps. :)

Electronic Punk

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WMP10 is very fast to transfer... first time I have done it on my desktop and with the new patch, each file took seconds.

Just battling with other Creative drivers atm as I started from scratch then I need to grab the 35meg application update.
Yes lol... But the New Firmware Sucks Buggy has **** :down:

Stops halfway threw Transfers, didnt b4 on WMP10
If Songs are Unknown even though there on there you cant see them on the mp3 player can with the Zen Program
Slows down the TouchPad, Menus

Had to back to the Old Firmware in the End was takein to long to Put Mp3s on there Startin again and again and the with the TouchPad nearly chucked it up the Wall how Slow it was Goin :wow:

Electronic Punk

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Well i have already found that I can copy music OFF the device (.mp3), but that may just be to my desktop. If I can do it to my laptop well... :p

Electronic Punk

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When was the last touch firmware release?
A while back I nuked my Micro and they sent me a touch firmware by mistake, no longer have it (I don't think) will check when I get home but let me know.

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