zelda: orcna of time (or whatever) n64

hey, im sure some of you played this 300 years ago when it came out.. (1996 actually)

delima: i broke the grave royal grave stone before i learned the Sun's Song.. i also went and got a mask, and it deleted my letter from zelda... any way to get it back, or is it just 8 more hours i get to play zelda? thanks guys.


n64 came out in 1996 but ocarina of time came out in 1999....it was game of the year in 2000. Ocarina of time is still by far the best game i ever played....i play a lot of games and nothing has come close to beating it....the audio/music throughout the game is awesome...graphic are good.....game play is great (worth the time) and the storyline is awesome also.

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Yup, it's Ocarina. :happy:

I love that game. While I'm not big on video games, Nintendo 64 was my ultimate platform. Mario 64, Crusin USA, Rush, Zelda 64, and Pilot Wings were my favorite games.

Playing Zelda ( emulated ) really reminds me of all that exellent time spent playing it at 5 am in the morning in the weekends to roam the huge Hyrule field and explore, it seemed very, very big compared to all the other video games.

I wish I could get a chance to dummy rework that game, make it span a much larger land scape, ooh, nostalgia. :)


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I have to admit that I hated N64. I thought there were too few games of quality and too many games where you just ended up doing a bunch of item collecting (Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64). Oh and can I mention that Mario 64 is, officially, the only video game that makes me motion sick? :p I still wonder what it is about this game that I cannot handle...

...but Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the only game from N64 that I really liked. Since my brother has the N64 console, how happy I was to see Ocarina of Time rereleased for GC.


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