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Zamil, my friend's album

Hey guys my friend from saudi, right now in LA just released his first album on cdbaby.com,

Name: Zamil
Album TItle: Water from the moon
Genre: Alternative rock and folk, electronic
CD Price: $12.00 USD

We have grown up listening to the beetles and toad the wet sprocket... it led us to the grunge years with pearl jam and nirvana. We moved on to the sophistication of sting pink Floyd and u2... we have all these influences in us.. We love allll types of music.. Including opera. tori Amos has influenced us with our soft side...

All these musicians of course can be heard in our music slightly. but they gave us the sprit and drive behind our writing styles

we had a tough yet magical child hood. We moved around a lot and it has given us color and darkness. we are moved by the pain of life and the utter happiness that life can give as well.

as happy as bob marley and as sad as tori amos

the lead singer, song writer and guitarist is Nevin, the oldest of the 3 brothers,
Nader the second oldest is the drummer
And Michael the youngest is also a co song writer , singer and guitarist
that was a note from the band

and i who like techno/dance/trance music mostly, i really like his songs i listened to them they are really nice



OSNN Junior Addict
yeah this band is really good, i'm a friend of michael's (the youngest)...he let me listen to the songs before the album came out, and they are amazing. get this CD if you can.


High On Life!
yeah, great talent in that family, im ganna try and buy one just to support them (i do like their songs too)

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