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Zalman C-7700 CU and V-700 CU with Arctic silver


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I just got done re-jigging my video card and processor with these items and made sure I got some arctic silver to keep everything nice and cool.

It is still settling but there has been a nice drop in temps AND noise.

I am going to be reformatting and cleaning up a little more tomorrow morning and this should lead to a slightly better airflow. As other pics of my inards may have revealed, my cabling being sheathed now has allowed for pretty good flow as is.

My case temps have dropped almost 2C, considering the diode is sitting almost on top of my hdd, I am pretty satisfied. The cpu temp has dropped about 6C and the arctic silver is still curing. Haven't checked the gpu temps but one of the bearings on my stock cooler was making noise so I don't really care.

I'll post some pics tomorrow but I'll say one thing. If you have memory on your board that is slightly taller (i.e XMS pro mem from corsair), please verify you have adequate clearance. I had to move my memory sticks to accomodate the cooler, there was insufficient clearance. Even now, with my memory in the second slot, there is barely any clearance. However the cooler is providing a nice draft for my other components so I am not too worried.

CPU temps as reported by asus probe with my computer running @ 96% cpu usage (2 f@h apps folding), my temps before were at 45C, constant. Currently the temp is 39C with my fan setting on low :smoker: As the arctic silver cures and if I turn the fan speed up, it should drop another degree or two easily.

Installation was pretty easy for the products, save for the moving of my memory modules.

Below are some stock pics from the zalman website. And yes, I do have the memory cooling blocks installed.



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This is going to be one of my next projects for the same reasons. Noise levels.

How easy was the installation?


F@H - Is it in you?
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Install was pretty easy considering the size of the CPU cooler. Only issue you will have for either item (for you, I would go with the bigger vga cooler for better heat dissipation) is with the screws. I would definitely invest in an extremely long/narrow neck phillips screw-driver. Otherwise you are going to have some issues.

The washers and the brackets provided cover essentially all the current systems out there. I didn't have to remove my retention bracket for the cpu which was a huge bonus for me :D You might have to if I have read the instructions clearly.

Clearance for the memory was about the only issue I ran into. Took about a half-hour for everything from opening case, removing gpu cooler/cleaning/appyling AS5/installing and then same for the cpu. Thankfully the cpu was even easier than the gpu.

I had a fear that my tv-tuner components would block the gpu install but fortunately it has more than enough clearance.

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