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y'z toolbar 1.3 won't load!

didn't know where to put this so I decided to put it in this section. kinda related to windows application as well i guess... anyways

i loaded it... and it did load the first time... i unticked the box where it says that it will show yz toolbar in the icon tray... i didn't want it :p

then i closed the program and tried loading it again, it won't load... anyone experienced this? i did delete the japanese readme in the folder but i don't think that is the problem... after all, that is just a text file...

any help? thx


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EDIT Ignore my post I should have known you meant toolbar and not dock...sorry

1.3??? I thought they stopped development at like .83...I wonder who picked up the development and where can I download this????

actually I had the same problem with the older version and I fixed but it was so long ago I forgot...I will think about this one and let you know what the problem was if it comes back to me

That's the link right there.

As for the question I asked, I found the solution for it. If I recall correctly, I looked at the readme or the help file... or maybe its site. Anyways, for those having the problem I had with loading the application, RIGHT CLICK on the toolbar for the internet explorer ... any blank space on the toolbar to be exact... and there will be the y'z toolbar menu...


P.S. seems like everytime i restart the computer the normal toolbar icons are back... perhaps i disabled automatic startup? or do i have to manually start it up everytime?

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