y'z bar problems

whenever i press the "show desktop" button my y'z bar goes away (hides) and i don't like it.... is there a way where it can just integrate on the desktop.


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thats why you create another profile called "Gamer" or something, switch when you wanna play, unless your computer takes a long time to switch.


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I was using objectdock recently and it crashed all the time, for no reason. So i stoped using it. tried YZ for a while, and it was more stable but doesn't have the features, docklets, that objectdock does


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was using objectdock recently and it crashed all the time, for no reason.
i just started using it and in 3 days it has crashed itself 3 time by the time i wake up in the morning.

besides that i love it.


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dockex is indeed a nice site :)

anyways.. I would give my vote for objectdock as well.. the newer versions are a lot more stable and don't give issues when playing games for me..

generally I tend to shut off objectdock anyways but even when I do'nt its not a problem..

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