You're Not Australian Until:


Way too much time here...
2 Jun 2002
1: You've mimicked Alf Stewart from the tv show, Home And Away, in a
broad australian accent. Eg: "push off, ya flamin drongo!"

2: You've had an arguement with your mate whether Ford or Holden make a
better car.

3: You've done the "hot sand" dance while running from the ocean back
to your towel.

4: You know who Ray Martin is.

5: You start using words like "bloody" and "grouse" and start calling
people "champ".

6: You stop greeting people with "hello" and go straight to "how ya

7: You've seriously considered running down to the shops in a pair of
ugh boots.

8: You own a pair of ugh boots.

9: You've been to a day/nighter cricket match and screamed out
incomprehensibly until your throat went raw.

10: You know the first verse to the national anthem but be buggered if
you know what "girt" means.

11: You have a story that somehow revolves around the excessive
consumption of alcohol and a mate named "Dave".

12: You've risked attending an outdoor music festival on the hottest day
of the year.

13: You've tried to hang off a clothes line while pretending you can

14: You've had to visit the emergency room after hanging off the clothes
line pretending you can fly.

15: You own a pair of thongs for every day use and a pair of "dress
thongs" for special occassions.

16: You don't know what's in a meat pie and you don't care.

17: You pronounce Australia as "Straya".

18: You call soccer "soccer" not "football".

19: You've squeezed vegemite through vitawheats to make vegemite worms.

20: You suck your coffee through a timtam.

21: You realise that lifeguards are the only people that can get away
with wearing speedos.

22: You pledge allegiance to Vegemite over Promite.

23: You understand the value of a public holiday.

24: Your weekends are spent barracking for your favourite sports team.

25: You have a toilet dolly (a (usually crocheted) doll with a victorian hoop skirt that is hollow and goes over the toilet brush. Hangs down to the floor so you can't tell you have a toilet brush).

26: You've played beach cricket with a ball and bat fashioned out of a
fence post.

27: You firmly believe in the end, everything will be ok and have told a
friend in tough times that "She'll be right, mate".

28: You use the phrase "no worries" at least once a day.

29: You've been on a beach holiday and have probably stayed in a

30: You constantly shorten words to "brekkie", "arvo" and "barbie".

31: You've adopted a local bar as your own.

32: You know the oath of mateship can never be limited by geographical

Hehe. Some good stuff there, but gutted the Galah wasn't included.
I thought having one of those hit your UHT was customary? :p

:eek: 25: You have a toilet dolly. *shudders* I don't really wanna ask,
but, well I can't help myself.
WTF is one of those?
It is a (usually crocheted) doll with a victorian hoop skirt that is hollow and goes over the toilet brush. Hangs down to the floor so you can't tell you have a toilet brush.

Did you also include:

Lose to England 5 consecutive times at Rugby (including the World Cup Final)?
lol. Hey you might want to send this in to The End section in the PC Authority magazine. Could win some software. If you don't then I certainly will with your permission.:)
Go for it. I am in Aust so I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe send me a copy of whatever you win.


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