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Your views on pricing for hosting



250 MB Space
5 gig Month Transfer
$8.95 A month or
$80.00 Year
400 MB Space
8 gig Month Transfer
$12.95 a Month or
$130.00 a Year
750 MB Space
20 gig Month transfer
$19.99 a Month or
$190.00 a Year

All come with the following:

- Linux
- CPanel 6.2.0
- Demo: Here User/Pass: demo
- 24/7 Technical Support
- PHP 4.3.1 (PhpInfo)
- Perl 5.006 (Perl Diver)
- MySQL 3.23.54
- phpMyAdmin 2.3.2
- Frontpage Extensions
- FTP Access
- Access to raw log files
- NeoMail and Horde
- POP3 Access
- SMTP Access
- IMAP Support
- MIME Types Access
- CURL & GD (w/ JPG) support
- Apache Handler Access
- Ability to Modify MX Entry
- Webalizer Website Stats
- Analog Website Stats
- AwStats Site Statistics
- Port 25 & 26 SMTP Service - Unlimited Addon and Parked Domains
- Unlimited Redirects
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
- Unlimited E-Mail Forwards
- Unlimited E-Mail Responders
- Unlimited MySQL DBs
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Password Protected Directories
- Custom Error Pages
- Online File Manager
- Server Side Includes
- Search Engine Submit Feature
- Pre-installed CGI Scripts
- Backup Utility
- FreeType
- ImageMagick
- Cronjobs
- Interchange & Agora Shopping Carts
- Spam Assassin
- Daily Backups
- Shared SSL!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Server is a Intel Pentium IV 1.7Ghz Processor
512MB System Memory.

What do you guys think about these prices and what do you suggest for prices, bandwith, and space?
have my own address and server, then there is no limits but connection speed :D :D :D got web, ftp, exchange, ts etc.....

dsl with a static address you can too..fun for everyone
only cost, dsl, domain name, and whatever i want to spend on hardware
Only problem with hosting through your DSL... What happens when you need the bandwidth? I need to host 200+ MB and push over 30GB. Rather have that hosted elsewhere.

xPerties: Try www.hosting4less.com

The prices you have listed are nice... but give these guys a try.


Originally posted by Geffy
he's asking would you buy that, hes starting up a hosting company by the looks of things
That correct, thanks for clearing that up. Prices above have been changed as well as other things.


Thanks bud. Man i have been so busy I haven't had time to relax and say hi to all the forums I'm on. :( :(

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