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YoUr MoThEr Is So FaT...



I always wanted to start this thread, it's really about nothing, maybe you guys know or don't know about it, i'll explain, like with friends i do this only when we're really drunk, its like this, one person calles the other person's mother names, like: Your mother is so fat, that her waist size is equivalent to the equator...and the other says: but your mother is so fat, that.....(think of something) i want to learn new ones so get cracking, and if you don't like this thread just don't respond and go somewhere else, cuz this is just for fun......

Your mother is so fat, that her waist size is equivalent to the equator...

Electronic Punk

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yo mamma is so fat every other letter in this topic title is a capital...

But seriously, she is so fat she wakes up in sections.
nope, I'm not sure this is a good thread, and I really don't like people making fun of others, whether they are fat, skinny, different color, sexual practices. etc.


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