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your most anticipated game?


The One and Only
i realized i haven't actually STARTED a thread in quite a while. but looking at one news post about half-life 2 that they titled "Half-Life 2 - it's getting closer", and here's what the guy who posted the news topic had to say. and this is just the first line, jus in case you may be thinkin "wow, what a short news topic.
I was going to begin this article by listing all of the awards that the original Half-Life has won, but I have a word count limit on this article so let me just name one: Best Game Ever. Period.
....funny thing is.... here are 2 comments posted after that...
halo was (and is) the shizzzzz
I'm way more excited for Halo 2 than Half Life's sequel. Half Life was good, but I fell in love with Halo at first sight.
how retarded is that? first... how "was" halo the shizzzzz? it hasn't been out NEARLY as long as half life, and half life is still gawdawful popular. and how "is" it the shizzzzz? UT2k4 runs better on my desktop than Halo does, and i run UT with just about all settings on high. plus, you practically CAN'T mod it (cept for maybe now since they are said to be having that Halo pc custom edition or whatever it was, i dun care, since i traded in Halo) and if you did mod it, you were the only one that could actually SEE the mods. others in your server, even if they modded it the same way (such as giving plasma's 100x as much force as normal to send a Warthog flyin across death island) the guests in the server would only see the warthog fly.
as for the second comment... no kidding he's gonna fall in love wit halo at first sight. it's only a just about brand new game with better graphics..... but that's just about it.

anyway.... that was a bit longer than i wanted it to be...... I personally am waiting very impatiently to patiently wait for the release of Half-Life 2. Halo 2 to me won't do NEAR as good. why? a)it's on a console. mouse + keyboard = good for fps's. controller = bad for fps's. b)it runs on a microsoft product *prepares to hear a hiss* yes, i do use Microsoft stuff, but not by choice. i'd GLADLY get rid of Windows if i knew how to use Linux or something else as good as i know windows. sooo...... what games are you waitin for?


Overclocked Like A Mother
I would to say HL2 myself as well,

I built my latest rig according to specs needed by HL2 to run. I already put a deposit at EBGames for it.



I may actually be insane.
HL2 = yawn :p bored of hearing about it, not to mention it doesn't even slightly interest me.

I think the only game I'm actually waiting for at the moment is Doom3.
Hipster there is a romour that if you bought the radeon you only get the single player version and not the full multiplayer version.
Any confirm?


Quazatron R6 droid
Halo 2 looks good, but I have lost faith in the company who made the PC port of Halo - They will need to show that some improvements have been made to see if I buy Halo ][ or not.

It does look as though it could be good, but the engine is everything, and the engine in Halo wasn't that good on the PC.
I am waiting for Gran Turismo 4. The prologue edition is due this week, so I have collected every penny I could find and eagerly awaiting the hopefully outstanding quality of the game...

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
ZeroHour said:
Hipster there is a romour that if you bought the radeon you only get the single player version and not the full multiplayer version.
Any confirm?
Not sure. Didn't see anything about that in the box. I'm on dialup so single player will do me fine. :D
uuh..... i didn't even KNOW there was even a rumor as to a single player version only. that's kinda strange. and about doom 3..... yes, it does look interesting, but i really don't think it will make THAT much of a comeback. I could be wrong though, does seem like a good game, but the beefy graphics in that may make it run too slow for most people to run at a good fps.
I know its cliche, but I'm very much looking forward to HL2, Im interested to see what sorts of fun mods will spawn from it (not that it wont be a great game itself)

Also, on about the same level as HL2 (maybe a little less), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl - that's looking pretty damn sexy as well :cool:
no offense to anyone.... still my opinion though. Halo 2 = bleh. Half-Life 2 will probably even be out before it. just was at EB Games today and they said the OFFICIAL release date is now november 9th.


Kenya believe it...
ZeroHour said:
Hipster there is a romour that if you bought the radeon you only get the single player version and not the full multiplayer version.
Any confirm?
According to www.overclockers.co.uk you only get the single player version of Half Life 2. As for the game I'm wanting the most it has got to be Halo 2.

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