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Whats your collection like?

Mines pretty poor, but a few classics like Goodfellas (my favourite film). I lost my copy of Fight Club :huh: and I got Scarface and Godfather Trilogy in there. Oh, Reservoir Dogs, Lock Stock and Snatch.


hmmm.... alot
red dragon, bourne identity, reign of fire, +++
around 70~80 with the oldest is evil dead ;)

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Got about 70, used to runa site on it..

Slowed down recently tho, last ones I got was the godfatehr trilogy, minority report.

Amazon just let me know that jackass has shipped to me ;)

Inidentally, I just knockeda bookcase with em all on over.

Well ****.


I'm sorry Hal...
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got around ~200, lots of mix - comedy, drama, action etc, classics (BTTF, LOTR, Flight club etc) some lesser known ones (Specials, Ghost Dog and others). Got quite a few Hong Kong martial arts films to.
Also i like TV series, so I got all the Buffy series, Red Dwarf, Family Guy and just recently got West Wing season 1 and others


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I have 107, varying genres. A buddy of mine has 1,282 with an entire room in his home dedicated to DVD shelf space.

Define fanatical collector? :)


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I got about 25 or 30 Tremors being my most fav movie of all time classic 80 horror flick :) wore my tape out so had to buy the dvd :p


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ahhh am I showing my age here?

Hundreds of videos, as yet only 20 DVD's (mostly Dinsney for the Kids!! :( )

Of course I have Gladiator, LOTR and other classics like Alien+ and Apocalypse Now.


P.S. Whats the ropiest DVD anyone has? - You know the sort of thing. When CD's first came out we all thought anything CD was godlike but soon discovered that the mono AAD mastering of your favourite 70's band was just as crap on CD as it was on vinyl...


Originally posted by Jewelzz
Hmm, think I have about 5 w00t, beat that :p
I own one (set) DVD: Fellowship of the Ring 4 DVD set. One movie, but I'll be generous and call it 4 DVDs :p

Reason: I have a DVD player, but just don't watch movies enough to justify buying them. If I really want to see a movie I'll rent it for 99c

However, I will be getting a few others shortly, just so I can say I have them :D



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Just got a DVD player recently. Only one I have here is Terminator 2, Ultimate Edition. A friend has my Braveheart DVD.


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little over 100....... alot of the standards you have to have......

bourne identity, minority report, blade, blade2, matrix, 5th element, 12 monkeys, mib, mib2, hackers, many more.................

dolby, dts..... surround etc too bad i cant crank it cause of neighbors:( :(

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