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Your dream job?

If you were given the choice to work for any company in the world, big or small, which one would you pick, and what kind of work would you envision yourself doing there?
Just thought it would be interesting to see people's responses.
Infact I've worked at another one too. Symbian QA at Opera (I just wanted to work at Opera)

And Unix admin on a phat pipe :)

Shallow maybe but I'm happy :D


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I'm still not quite sure. I'll be going into the field of Science most probably. My dream is to become a surgeon one day, a neurosurgeon. I know that's around 10 years in University. I might change my plans, who knows. I'm still in Grade 10. But I will decide what I want to be or what type of job I want by the end of this year hopefully.


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rally racing :cool:

for right now... my job is good enough... hope to get some experience and get into a management position in a few years once I have my MBA completed...


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Major League Baseball Player...I played baseball my whole life and was even offered a baseball scholarship to a very good baseball school but not a very good school in general so I had to give it up cause the school I ended up going to was too Scholarship player oriented for me to be a "walk on"
Dream job... to be an entrepreneur. If not that, I'd want to become a marketing or management specialist, possibly in the electronics and gaming industry.

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