Your Christmas List


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I know you are all grown, but everyone in there head has a list.

So what is yours.


1. Xbox 360 Elite
2. 27+ LCD Monitor
3. 35+ LCD HDTV
4. Zune 120GB
5. Blackberry Pearl Flip

Mines more of a dream list, since these are all expensive.


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All I want is a blackberry phone. I am still deciding which one. I had picked out the Bold, but it isn't available through Verizon. So it will either be the Curve or Pearl.


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happiness (now, thats sad :p)

mm.. dream list?

tons of cash, i guess.. all the stuff i wanna buy is prolly cheaper in europe so i dont want anything right now

realistic list:

little less of cash :p


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Well you are all boring lol

I updated my list. Now of course this is more of my to buy list, then my father and mother and Santa buying it. HAhahaha Oh Santa.

1.Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite
2.HTC Touch Diamond (Full Plan)
4.120GB Zune
5.27” or 30” LCD Monitor
6.37” or 40”+ LCD HDTV
7.2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives (Internal)
8.Subscription to PC Gamer Magazine
9.Leather Lazy Boy Computer Chair
10.Month’s Subscription to
11.Satellite Cabling