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Your Car Need Clean


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Your Car Need Clean

12. Greenpeace won't let you move the car for fear of displacing some dung beetles that have taken up residence.

11. Neighborhood kids offer: "Mow your Volvo, sir?"

10. Your pine tree air freshener is now a protected old growth forest.

9. Satellite photos reveal crop circles on your roof.

8. "Wash Me" appears on your trunk -- chiseled with a jackhammer.

7. Its impossible to drive with the kids always clamoring to have a look through the periscope.

6. Your "cell phone antenna" is really a sapling which took root.

5. The kids are convinced that those crumpled old newspapers at the floor of the car are housing varmits.

4. Visits to the farm always result in pigs squaling around your tires.

3. Kids write "PLOW ME!" on your trunk.

2. When you blow the horn, prairie dogs pop up from the hood.

1. That rank smell coming from under all those McDonalds bags? The missing cat!

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