You wouldn't believe it - phone troubles

Son Goku

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Well perhaps some might. But when I was in the middle of browsing forums earlier, my Internet went dead. Checked the phone, no dial tone.

So I called up Qwest, they tested the line, and the person was saying they can't send someone out until tomarrow. However, it looks to be a problem on the Qwest side equipment (from the best she could detect from the office) so someone shouldn't have to enter my premesis...

Until then, gaming, and any other activity which requires me to be online, at least from home is a no go... Well until tomarrow, I guess I'm off :D

Electronic Punk

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is nvnews also having connection problems, has been up and down for the last couple of days - you could almost believe some big nvidia-orientated event may have occured.

Son Goku

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I've noticed the same problem with NVN, as I've gone there on several occassions and gotten no connection at all. Last time this occured, I did ping, which hung, and then an nslookup... It looked as if the IP address for NVN had fallen out of DNS...

So, to rule out my home comp, I tried an nslookup from my UNM account. Their DNS server was comming back with no IP for it either... (Oh, and as far as home, I did add one of those top level DNS servers some were suggesting when we were having that bind issue with someone having hacked DNS sometime back.) Mind you however, Speakeasy's IPs, (which is my ISP) was also mentioned on the list of DNS servers they were telling people to use for that one.) The top level DNS became my backup...

Today's issue with me doesn't seem to be any of the forums, or even my ISP. I've got DSL, at home, so it is naturally dependent on my phone line. Qwest is sending a repair crew out tomarrow morning, but until then only have Internet at computer labs and what not...

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Nah, I'm not on the staff there... Just a poster. If you email or PM Mike Chambers, he should be able to give you the scoop. He's the head honcho, who manages the site over there...

Oh, and comming home from dinner and all, my ISP and phone are backup again. Ironically, someone isn't supposed to come till tomarrow. I wonder if I should try to reach the phone company at this late hour to cancel the service call? Or what should I do now?

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