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You know you have a problem when...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I was going to post a poll under this, but I thought replies would be more fun.... :p anyway...

Ideas for my poll were:-

when you post a poll on OSNN

when you reach for a glass and pick up a bottle

when you need to build another PC because the rig you are using is one year old today....

etc etc

But let's hear yours! I am especially looking forwards to TB's post here!

Reps for anyone that makes me LOL ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
LordOfLA said:
uh 12 months for a new rig is a little long isnt it?

Mine is barely 9 months and I alraedy have 3 parts of the new one ;P
LOL yeah I sort of agree - depends how many rigs you have kicking around though, I find when I fill all my router ports is a limiting factor - then I tend to add a WAp point, but there are limits to everything and unless you have rack mounted systems it starts to get tricky....

Anyway - this is getting OT - the idea was for everyone to post what popped in their heads to complete the sentence....

EG for you TB it could have gone "You know you have a problem when .... you're not wearing a crash helmet!" hehe


Double O Egghead
umm ok......

You know you have a problem when your on the crapper and you used the last piece of tissue to blow your nose......:)


Dabba Dooba
Political User
you know u have a problem when you are drunk u come and post a bunch of nothingness on the forums and come back not remembering it

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