You know there's something wrong when...


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19 Jun 2002
You see this if you go to google :eek:
I didnt think it was possible but i really got a server error from google.


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That's weird, never seen one those from Google.
I've never seen that on Google :confused:
muhahahaha, but it was only very short after a few sec. i got the normal page again...
yeah, i did it with my big hammer, now all go back to using altavista, muhahaha
sboulema said:
yeah, i did it with my big hammer, now all go back to using altavista, muhahaha
Good luck actually trying to find anything :p

I've seen google break before, I've even seen it not reachable before... they were scary times :p :D
im not gonna sell it yet. im gonna keep it so it becomes a collectors item and then it will be much more worth :)
they weren't running an article about it on /. that day by chance where they? :)
I got the same thing yesturday ! if only i had kept a copy too ;)
how come the text on that error page of the words "google" look extremely plain where as the search page it isnt (it has shadows and some form of roundness)

lol thats what i call a google bodge job :p

Alex :cool:
It's nothing new.. people seeing it since early last year. It's good to see how rarely it shows up given the amount of usage the site undergoes on a daily basis.


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