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You guys should make this a site wide announcement or sticky....


Prodigal Son
The partners program with the deal on XP pro has been mentioned on here every time it goes up. The deal has been offered several times. That's where I got mine. Many others here have also taken advantage of it.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
As have I.

Second question you asked. We are currently under going many changes, including a new server. Bare with us as these changes are made, the future is very promising.

Adam S

ahh, my bad. I figured it was mentioned, but maybe a sticky would make it so EVERYONE sees it?

i understand switching servers, i host in my own home and went from a POS win2k server to a fast linux server....talk about working out bugs!

BTW, I love that this microsoft site is hosted in Linux :) That is so awesome.


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Nah, it was up not too long ago and I tried to order (although I do have a legit copy), by the time I clicked enter it was shut down.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
Just so you all know, this program is only hosted via Microsoft. It is actually another company (a MS Partner) that offers this program. This other company handles all orders, shipping, and questions.

Adam S

if anyone needs a copy and lives outside the U.S., you're more then welcome to have it shipped to me, and i can ship it to u if u pay the cost. or, u probably know someone in the U.S. anyhow, who could do the same.

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