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yipee... just got my brand new SNIPER BOOMSLANG 2100 :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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and the best part is... its FREE :D

yep... won it in a give-away.. just got it 5 mins ago and its installed and purring along nicely :D

it has a mouse ball but an optical sensor to track movement and in on-the-fly tests... it is bloody good :D

can't wait to give it a full gaming spin :)
Originally posted by dubstar
mouse ball and optical sensor? kinda weird to me.. but if its good, its good.
Yeah the sensor is watching the ball instead of the surface you're on. Probably makes it easier since you allways know what the ball looks like. :)

I'm guessing it can still collect dust and go all crap-crap. I like pure optical better. :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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it has a little thinger to protect the ball but yah it does collect dust and crap :(

however the sampling is about 4-5 times higher than most opticals I have seen and used.. thing is damn accurate thats for sure...

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