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yeay new toy {Dialup BEWARE}

i dont know why im posting this but here it is. im just glad that finally my PC is done totaly now and i dont have to open it any more.

here is a pic of the last edition to the case, a cooler master HSF. we nick named at work the V8


cant hear it at all. i tryed it with out the Q fan and with it and there is no difference in noise. i would highly recomend this to anyone who wants it and with this and mem i can OC to 2.73ghz with it and still be in a respectiable temp.

right now im actually at load redoing 4DVD iso's and seti running and temps are
motherboard temp 28
CPU temp 33


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Nice. Massive heatsink though.

Any problems with any of your caps?

And where's the cards?
At load you're at 33c? What is the computer running outside of the case with your AC cranked?

What revision is the processor? Do you still have cool and Quiet on?

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Holy canolli, that thing is fricken huge :D Well one thing's for certain, you won't have to worry about keeping that thing cool.
to answer questions. there are no problems with caps because with the way that the HSF is dsigned the wide part gets wide about an inch from the board it' self. so its well above the caps. and here is anouther picture with all the hardware and working order.


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