yay...i looked at my classes for the new school year online


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ENGLISH 9 (no not again!!!)
NETWORKING 1 (yay!!!!)
SPEECH 10 (no!!!!)

Well...its my 10th grade year and now i can boss the 9th graders :). I did fail 1 1/2 credits which is three classes. One was english 9 which is a class i am takin again and another was envirmental science and the last one was pre algebra. The reason i failed pre algebra was cause of that suspension most of u people know about. I passed all my exams tho but it was that damn suspension. O well...networking should be pretty fun. I guess there are like 4 or 5 different networking classes and i have to do them in order :S.


Dabba Dooba
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i took networking cause i would like to know more about windows 2000 and of course networking. I guess we dont learn about much in networking 1 :(. Last year they just started using xp for one of the classes.

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I'm not sure how the classes are arranged there, but in networking one you might spend a bit of time going over the OSI model. They might not start here though... I'm getting a networking degree at one of the two colleges I go to. They started with network operating systems on the one end, and network topologies (where one gets introduced to the OSI model) at the other, neither being a pre-req for the other...

We also messed around with IP sniffers, had some patch cables to make/cables to punch down, networks to setup...and also started messing around with routers...

A funny one though was a test question we got on one of the tests :D

Take out an IP sniffer. Capture someone's telnet password. Show me you can do this for credit.
Understandably, I was laughing a bit and didn't expect capturing people's passwords to be on the test :lol:


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Yeah we did Internet Architectures as part of my first year at Uni, covered the 7 layer OSI model, think its Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, Physical. Loads of fun that was :rolleyes:


TittleBitties said:
lol...u all r old people :p
One day you will be old, but I bet I will still be fitter than you, better looking, better in the sack and be able to attract Wolf whistles from Women 30 years younger! Huh


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