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Yahoo -the big 100


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yep.. time for Hotmail to follow suit with their free email service... Don't care if it's 4mb or 40mb... just increase the damn limit as well as the attachment limit per email.


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I'm happy with my Pipex DSL. Got 50MB web space....
can't remember if that is shared with the email account that they give.
Bah, I'm going to stick with my 50MB domain-based POP account. Don't really need 100MB/1GB. I'd rather have it spam-free, which is next to impossible on these free mail accounts. Besides, I don't like webmail, so both GMail and Yahoo are out.

Nice upgrade for the Yahoo users, nonetheless.


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Nice to see they are trying to keep up with gmail, and it has'nt even been released yet lol. I would'nt take a 100 meg storage from hotmail, it would just leave more space for the spammers to fill your inbox with. After all hotmail does sell your email address to 3rd part venders .. so with a 100 meg it would go from a 50 a day to a mear 1,000 a day ;) Yahoo is starting to be the same way ..

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